KGMB and Tree Planting

Why Plant Trees?
When you consider the benefit of trees, do you count reasons beyond their use to humans as profitable product?   Trees absorb (through their leaves) CO2, water, and energy from the sun and convert it into glucose, oxygen, and water.  Planting trees remains one of the cheapest, most effective means of drawing excess CO2 from the atmosphere.   Trees provide shelter to animals; they help recycle water, filter pollution from the air, and much, much more.  Without trees, life could not be sustained on this planet; thus, the replacement of trees is imperative!  The basics of tree planting are no conundrum; anyone can plant a tree.



Why Garden?

While gardening needs no justification, plant caretakers share various reasons for their joy of dirt and seeds.  Above all, gardening promotes healthier environments for communities, but how?  Consider the following benefits of growing your own food/planting flowers:

  • Planting flowers attracts pollinators to your garden which assists vegetables we grow for their developing fruit, i.e. melons, corn.
  • Growing your own produce ensures safe, healthy food (pesticide free)
  • Spiritual Connection (A garden might serve as a tranquil retreat or private escape from the demands of everyday life.)
  • Growing your own produce reduces food costs and promotes healthy eating
  • Encourages community involvement through planting new gardens-Reduces stress-Adds beauty to any landscape (attracts songbirds, butterflies, and other wildlife).
  • Reduces Crime! “Recent university studies have shown the greener the surroundings, the fewer crimes occur against people and property.”

Feed Your Garden by Composting & Vermicomposting

Composting is an economical, non-toxic way to nourish soil. Click here to LEARN MORE.

KGMB and Gardening
KGMB encourages gardening to strengthen local communities.  By growing life and learning together, we grasp the fragility of the environment and the need to depend on each other to maintain healthy, sustainable ecosystems.


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