All About Recycling

Each person in Wisconsin creates almost 2000 pounds of waste per year! Although we recycle 34% of this Wisconsin there is so much more we can do.  On this page you will find some easy, and even fun, ways you can make a difference.  There are many ways you can take a part in recycling and bettering our environment.  To learn more about what happens once your recycling is collected, click here.

See how your current lifestyle and daily choices impact the environment. Click here to LEARN MORE.

Recycling at Home

Why Recycle at Home?

  • Using recycled materials uses much less energy than its newly made counterpart.
  • Recycling saves countless resources that are in the process of being depleted
  • Proper recycling can reduce water and air pollution necessary to our survival
  • Recycling is a source of jobs in our tough economic times
  • Since 1995 the law requires it’s citizens to recycle to better our environment

What can I recycle at home?
Most communities can recycle paper, metal, glass, and plastic.  However, each community has their own method of collection as well as unique guidelines. Visit RecycleMoreWisconsin to see what is recyclable in your community. Click here to LEARN MORE.

KGMB and Recycling
KGMB offers environmental education programs on recycling.  Click here to learn more! KGMB offers tours of the Milwaukee Recycling Facility.  Schedule a tour today! *Tours not currently available to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) due to a severe fire at the facility on 5/31/2023. Please check back for updates on when tours will be available again.*

Recycling Plastic Bags/Film

Locate: Where To Recycle Plastic Film

Did you know that plastic film items such as plastic bags, plastic wrap, sandwich bags, and bubble wrap are not able to be recycled curbside? They do not need to end up in the trash. Instead, find a location near you that accepts this material and save it from ending up in a landfill or the environment.

Click here to find a drop off location


Cell Phone and Ink Jet Recycling

Why Recycle Cell Phones
Cell phones, like all pieces of electronic equipment, have hazardous materials in them such as lead, cadmium, and mercury. They can not be thrown in the trash. If thrown away and emptied into the landfill, they would leak these hazardous materials, thus tainting our drinking water and harming the environment.

Why Recycle Inkjet Cartridges
Over 13 cartridges are discarded in the U.S. every second, according to That’s hundreds of millions of cartridges that end up in landfills every year, made with plastics that can take at least 1,000 years to decompose.

KGMB and Recycling
You can help KGMB raise money to support its environmental education, outreach, and community building programs by recycling your old cell phones and inkjet cartridges. It’s FREE and EASY! Just drop off your used cell phones or inkjet cartridges at our office (1313 W. Mount Vernon Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53233)

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Electronics Recycling

Why Recycle Electronics
Many people don’t realize that electronics are made of valuable resources such as precious metals, plastics and glass. Many of these materials require energy to manufacture. Electronic equipment that gets thrown away also throws out these valuable resources and generates more pollution in order to manufacture new products.Certain electronics such as monitors and circuit boards contain toxic substances like lead, mercury, and chromium. When these heavy metals get dumped into the solid waste stream it becomes a concern with state and local officials since they pose an environmental risk. Electronic recycling is a great solution. Effective September 1st 2010, many consumer electronics are banned from landfills. It is up to you to make sure that your old electronics are recycled properly.

Find a Recycling Location Near You (Link)

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ECycle Flyer – Banned Items_Modified English

ECycle Flyer – Banned Items_Modified Spanish

DNR Ecycle Flyer


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